The Journey is…HOT!!!


Ran with Matt today…at 1pm, in Humid, ALABAMA, 90 degree weather!!!  It was his idea.  I prefer cool, early morning running, but had woken up too late for that.  I made my feeble attempt at excuses, but as always…his encouragement was just what I needed to get out there and get going.

That was TOUGH!

The same path that I typically run with ease(kind of), was at times torture today!  In the end, we finished…and, as usual…it was a great run.  Worth every minute!

All I could think today was…

How often we judge others in their race of life…never thinking of the extreme conditions they may be running in.  Some we know…some we don’t.  We may have been down a similar path, but that doesn’t make it the same race.  May I be a woman of God’s unlimited mercy & grace…



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