The Journey is…


I am simply amazed at the great lengths the Lord goes through to bless us…His children.  Time after time….after time, He continually finds ways to remind me that, “He’s Got It”  God’s got it all under control.  IT = EVERYTHING THAT CONCERNS ME!

He cares.  He cares even about the small, seemingly insignificant things.

For example: My Jessica has been wanting a quilt for her bedroom for a few years.

Two things have kept her quilt from her:

#1…every single quilt I have shown her has not been quite what she wanted.

#2…a handmade quilt made to her liking has not been in my budget.

Last week we were shopping…as usual, we went to the bedding section…and again nothing was “THE ONE”.  I knew she wanted the quilt to have the aqua color that we found in an old cup at a flea market.  She proceeded to tell me that when she pictures the perfect color for her quilt…it has red in it.  I was very surprised!  She has NEVER liked RED!

FFWD a few days.  Early Saturday morning as I was driving home from one of my Mom Taxi excursions…a yard sale caught my eye.  What actually caught my attention was some boogie boards to decorate Emily’s Hawaaiian themed bedroom (which I got for $2 each…YAY!).

Sitting right beside my new treasures was JESSICA’S QUILT!  The perfect one!  I just knew it…everything she had been describing to me for the last 2 years!

It was just the top(it still needs to be quilted)…other than that it was EXACTLY what she wanted.  They sold it to me for $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  I think maybe I could have bought the thread to hold it together for that price!  What a blessing!

I have told a few people about my find.  I think I’m the only one who finds it truly AMAZING!  I think about all the variables the Lord went through to get this to my girl.  Someone, somewhere, picked the perfect colors out….took the time to piece it together by hand….somehow it ended up at THIS yard sale.

I had to be out early that morning to drive by & find it.  Which meant someone had to plan the youth trip that Jessica wanted to go on, so I would be driving by that early in the morning.

Someone else had to be tired of their boogie boards, to even draw my attention to the side of the road.

…and my list goes on….  I just think it is so like God to care about something that in the whole scheme of the world…is not very important.  But it WAS important to my girl…and it was important to me…so that makes it important to MY Jesus!

So…whatever your “IT” is, big or small…just remember, God’s got it.  He cares…so you don’t have to.  He is the master arranger.  Even if you can’t see how right now…He is at this moment putting all the scattered pieces of your life together, and is going to great lengths to bless you, His child.  You can rest now.



One thought on “The Journey is…

  1. That quilt is known as “ROUND THE WORLD”……The old timers always named thier quilts. We found a stack, “literally”, in my mothers stuff after she died that belonged to my grandmother. There was one similar to the one Jessica has now amoung them. I hope you can get it finished. Quilting is an art that is fast leaving this earth…..

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