The Journey is….Thankfulness!


A friend of mine has encouraged us to set aside Thursday’s as “Thankful Thursdays!” 

As I have reminisced about this weeks events, my thoughts overwhelmingly turn to my childhood.  A friend had asked about some pictures that I had stored away in my cedar chest.  Looking through them was such a pleasure…It amazes me how a picture can so quickly take you back to a special moment in time.  I even found myself singing songs from the 80’s that I hadn’t thought of in ages.  I could almost smell the “Aqua Net”!  Then yesterday, was a special day of remembrance to me.  My childhood best friend’s dad had passed away 3 years ago.  Such a great man!  Again, more pictures were shared.  I was reminded of my love for my BFF & her family…YEARS of special memories!

On this Thankful Thursday,  my thoughts turn to two people that I am particularly thankful for today.  Rev. Dwight & Mary Burchett…without them the pictures would all be so different…the memories just wouldn’t be the same.  In their daily living & desiring to follow the leading of the Lord…they founded the school that I attended from 3rd to 9th grade.  The biggest part of my childhood, some of my favorite memories, life changing experiences with the Lord, & best friendships are because they listened to & obeyed God’s calling on their lives.  They still minister to me to this day!

Thank you Rev. Dwight & Mary Burchett!  On this Thankful Thursday…I am thankful for YOU!!!



One thought on “The Journey is….Thankfulness!

  1. I drove by the “new” Life – you know, the one we moved to from the warehouse type building? The one I graduated in? I showed Mike and Jaz around the campus and was amazed at how much the same it still is. The ‘new’ has been knocked off of it; but, it’s still the same. 1980-1988 were certainly formative years.

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