The Journey is…My Children

THANKFUL THURSDAY!  I’m thankful for my children!

I’m thankful for:

-Their loving spirit, and the relationship we have with each other.  Their teenage years are proving to be enjoyable.

-the opportunity to be their mother

-the pleasure of being their taxi driver & that they have places to go

-that the Lord supplies the gas $ to make that possible…however if it were possible to fit them, their friends & all the paraphanalia that accompanies them in a SMART CAR…I might consider getting one.

-interesting conversations with them that “boost my self esteem”…for example:

Daughter:  “Mom, you don’t look like a nerd anymore.”

Mom:  “Thanks?  I think.”

Daughter(in an attempt to make it better):  “Well…at least you used to be a CUTE nerd.”

Mom:  “I wasn’t so cute.  The really bad pictures…I keep hidden.”

It did cause me to think this thought:  “Who you were…is not who you ARE.  See yourself through the eyes of God…that’s the real you.  Know that each day is a new beginning.”  I believe this would minister to each person a different way…so I will leave off my commentary.

For Jessica(my daughter)…and this is still not the worst one…couldn’t bring myself to share them all yet:

"not so cute"

"cute nerd"



One thought on “The Journey is…My Children

  1. Thanks for loving my children the way you do. You’ve always gone the extra mile for church,art projects, birthdays, and in all the little things. Willing to be inconvenienced to give our kids the best you that you could at that time in our lives… for you, I married a beautiful 18 year old almost 20 years ago but I’ve had the pleasure of watching you transition into a beautiful, mature, loving woman (inside and out) that is more gorgeous today than ever!! I am blessed! I love you!

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