The Journey is…Best Friends!

Mr & Mrs Matt B  8/8/08 TL4-ever

by Matt’n’Julia Freeman Davis on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 10:23pm

“OOO You’re like the sun…chasing all of the rain away….when you come around you bring brighter days, you’re the…….”

…us with our great big hair, swatches, jellies, guess jeans, collars turned up… her hot pink & aqua painted bedroom complete with heated water bed and posters of Kirk Cameron (can’t remember who else…probably someone like Tom Cruise or Michael J Fox) hanging on her ceiling….planning on talking on her red phone or laying out in the sun on her roof later(don’t forget the Sun-In)…..but for now we’re singing “ALWAYS” by Atlantic Starr with our “microphones”.

Planning our wedding days, to ????, agreeing that we would both definitely play this song on that special day!  That was the “Summer of 1987″….remember our book Amy, I still have it.
We never planned that we’d both marry Matt…different last names of course.  Today’s the day….8/8/08….My Beautiful BFF….will become Mrs. Amy “B”

“….love like yours is great, it must have been sent from up above,  and I know it will stay this way, for ALWAYS…”

Congratulations Amy & Matt!
…..I am with you today in my heart!


Amy-n-Julia, BOO BOO SIS,  BFFs 4-ever
-Other favorite memories…..”roasting” mini marshmallows with lighters, bread & butter, talking all night until someone fell asleep…..who knows who went first, sleeping ’til 1 or 2 the next day, when she was the entrepreneur selling candy at school, our “tradition” of waving bye, almost dying on our bicycles, eating pizza & jube jells, watching her play softball(talking to all the guys who wanted wanted to know HER phone number ), popping toes,  cute little brother(Steven) playing video games all day & doing doughnuts on the lawn mower, even cuter little sister(Haley) playing with her Cabbage Patch dolls, Mom & Dad Bruehl treating me as their own, and too much more to think about typing here.

3rd Grade…when we met….1987

My BFF…1991

    • Matt’n’Julia Freeman Davis I wrote this almost 2 years ago…back when we were all on MySpace. I’m about to cancel that, so I didn’t want to loose this message I wrote to my BFF on her wedding day…
      She’s in my heart forever…no matter the years or the distance!
      I love you Amy!

      June 26, 2010 at 11:19pm ·  ·

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