The Journey is….Pre-marriage counseling~EXTREME BACKPACKING style!

After a refreshing weekend date with my husband…I realized how much I LIKE him & enjoy his company.  You can forget that sometimes…which is why dating your mate should be kept a priority!  As we sat there, just having fun together, I had this thought which was recently brought back to my attention:

I have decided that all engaged couples should go on an EXTREME ADVENTURE…backpacking in the wilderness….through the valleys & mountains. After they’ve experienced working together, COMMUNICATING, being creative…through near death experiences, starvation, cold, etc, etc, etc…along with sharing together some of the most spectacular views that God has created. THEN they might possibly have enough knowledge about the real person they are marrying…not the, “I’m on my best behavior so you’ll like me, aren’t we having fun-fiance'”.  IF they’re actually still speaking to one another, THEN they might know if they really want to spend the REST of THEIR LIVES together in this journey of life.

…going out on dates, cannot prepare you for the challenges ahead. When people(marriages) are put in stressful situations(real life)…from what I’ve observed, often that is when they bail out. Or as John from John & Kate said, “This is not what I signed up for.”


I just wonder how many would say, “I STILL DO” after a wilderness experience together.


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