The Journey is….damaging.

“If you know someone’s heart…

you won’t believe just everything you hear about them.”

~Julia Davis

On a more serious note today…

I have a friend who is fighting a battle.  I have watched as the media has taken words spoken, twisting them & adding their “quotes”…basically placing judgement before the trial has even begun.

…and well meaning, but mis-informed people have followed suite at times tearing apart my friend whom they have never even met.  Much damage has been done.

This plight has reminded me of a much lighter incident in my past.

Long story, short:

Many years ago, using hands on projects, we spent the whole Summer teaching young people about the power of their choices, both good & bad .  We ended it with a challenge where we each received $1.  After two weeks, we would see who had done the most with the gift that was given to us.  I returned with over $2,000…needless to say…I WON!

The shocked look on the kids faces….PRICELESS!

The local newspaper wanted to do a write up about it & interviewed me.  I remember reading the article & feeling stunned :O

What I read…was SO NOT what I said!

Well…in reality…MY WORDS were printed, I did say them…but my intention was not portrayed in the article at all!  I believe its author did his best at interpreting the information that he gathered.

When he heard me one of two things happened:

~He filtered my words through his own belief system, and that is the story he wrote.


~I talked, but failed to communicate my true heart.

HIS thoughts were not at all my thoughts, my intentions…MY beliefs.

I immediately retyped his article, adding MY correct interpretation to it.  I printed each of our kids a copy & gave it to them.

In life…there is often no damage control.  We can’t say…”STOP THE PRESSES!  THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!  LET ME REWRITE THAT…when I said that, this was what I really meant!”

So whether it be a friend, boss, spouse, teacher, child…let’s strive to give each other the benefit of the doubt.   Maybe they are still working on their communication skills.  So until they get there…life will be easier when we seek to truly hear the other person.  Filtering the words spoken, not through the “reporter”…or through our own thinking processes….but instead, use the filter of the heart from which the words were actually spoken.

There are less pieces to pick up that way.


One thought on “The Journey is….damaging.

  1. Wow Julia, loved this….so true, if we would act out of love for others ~ believing the best, hoping for good,, and rejoicing with instead of cheering against…then we could truly call ourselves Christ-followers.

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