The Journey is…Friendship & Grace

(WARNING:  Do not read this if you like to eat eggs.)


 I’m thankful for:


-Children that are old enough to stay home alone so I could go visit an old friend.

-An old friend to go visit.

-Life lessons taught by friends….even if it was unintentional.

-The friendship of my family & making time to enjoy each other’s company.


She fills my life with color & laughter…for example:

The way she has decorated my fridge 🙂

…and her words that have caused me to seriously consider being a VEGETARIAN!

The last 3 times we’ve made scrambled eggs, as I was beating them to go in the frying pan…

1.  “I wonder if they were boys or girls.”  :O

2.  “Momma…what if the baby chicks…”  I didn’t even let her finish the sentence!

3.  No words today.  She just drew me a picture and handed it to me as I was pouring the mixture into the pan.

It was a picture of….


a yellow chick.



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