Some of the pain that I have observed:

~Having a few minutes to myself at Books-a-Million, I was excited to thumb through a book showcasing the iconic photographs taken throughout history, I imagined it would be so interesting.  The reality is, the book was filled with sadness.  One image in particular is branded in my brain…of holocaust victims on the day they were forced to leave their homes.  The street was filled with women & children with their hands raised.  The fear on their faces was evident….one child in particular will forever be a part of my thoughts.

~Stumbling on a web site that is filled with angry people.  Angry adults, who were adopted, & treated with such injustice.  Seeking to vent & find answers to “WHY?”  Why were they unlovable, why weren’t they wanted, and why do they even care so much….

~A fellow blogger Grief: One Woman\’s Perspective ~ Perceptions on life after the death of a child, who’s son was senselessly murdered at the hands of a drunk driver.

~Friends…with struggles of their  own….seeking answers.

This is something I shared with a fellow blogger the other day, I believe it would be appropriate to insert here:

WHY?  Sometimes the only available answer is…because.

If allowed to, the Lord will help bring peace to your spirit when there is no viable answer.

I believe the Lord does have a plan & often people choose not to follow it.  I believe the devil has a plan also….to steal, kill & destroy.  I believe that when things happen that will never make sense…the Lord is still able to put the pieces of our life together & turn it into something beautiful.


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