The Journey is…options


I was always one of the smart kids in school….or so I thought.

I’ve come to find out through the years that I really wasn’t so smart!

The SMART kids were the one’s who learned it all in class, rarely taking a book home to study!  I on the other hand, cleaned out my locker every day…studying until midnight or later.  I’m not exaggerating.

You want to know why!?!

I studied like a mad woman because…when it came to my parents expectations….FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION!  Choose to win, or choose to die.  (Not really, but you get the point.)

FFWD a few years:

I have found that as an adult…if something confuses me, or it’s somewhat overwhelming…it’s possible that I will just do nothing at all.  I’m NOT saying that’s a good or acceptable thing.  It’s just me.  It IS good to finally be aware that I do this.  Now I can focus, make adjustments, and choose to win instead!  Expecting more from myself!

Thinking back over my life, while there are many failures I am able recall…there are 4 areas that  I can see where failure was not an option.

Loving the Lord.

Loving my husband.

Loving my children & family members.


….and in all 4 areas…that is a choice.

My Journey of life, like yours, is full of ups & downs.  So in these four successes, I’m not saying there haven’t been great moments of defeat.  But, defeat is not failure.  Failure is when you decide to quit….and it’s only final if you choose not to get back up.

I AM saying that these are the areas that the only option that I have allowed is “stick-tuit-evniss” ….going through the motions during the lowest times…trusting the Lord to bring the “want to” & ultimately the highs of success.

I’m now wondering what areas of my life have I allowed failure to be the option.  Time to take a look & make adjustments!

Today is a good day to decide what areas of our lives do we want to expect more.  Sometimes we just have to be determined that SUCCESS is the ONLY acceptable option!  Choose to win!  Choose to LIVE!


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