The Journey is…caring.

I worked w/Matt a little bit today.  We have a wholesale company that services the convenience store industry.

This is what I observed while watching the friendly convenience store clerks interact with their customers:

-They sincerely said “Good morrning” w/ a smile multiple times…

-They also said to a customer, “Can’t believe you’re not getting pizza today, you get pizza EVERY day!”

-On another occasion, as soon as a man entered the store he walked around the counter to get what appeared to be his regular daily hug.

I wondered if they realized how important their caring & genuine interest  might have meant.  Who knows…it may be the only smile that person received today.

I thought about mentioning it to them, but I didn’t. 

Wish I had.


2 thoughts on “The Journey is…caring.

  1. I’m sure you get to speak the word. Of God to many ppl ..and that’s just awesome I do it every chance I get makes me feel great to know I let someone know about the love of JESUS..

    • That’s good Mrs. Marilon! You are making a difference everywhere you go! Keep shining!

      I’ve been in a lot of stores through the years…I’ve never seen store clerks that had developed such good relationships with their customers before. I just wonder if they realize how exceptional they are? Making a difference right where they are. It was rare & refreshing.

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