Today’s Original Thankful Thursday post….12.29.11

This was my original post…but then I thought of so many other things I wanted to add:


Never underestimate the # of lives that would be devastated

 if you were not alive & breathing today.

Today I am thankful for the gift of life

& that I did not hit the lady that stepped in front of my car yesterday.

I DIDN’T EVEN SEE HER…until it was almost too late!

Choose to live…

Life is a blessing to you & all those you come into contact with.


USE THE CROSSWALK PLEASE!  They are there for a purpose!


The Journey is….Thankful Thursday 12.29.11

Thankful Thursday!

So many things, so little time.  Here’s a quick list.

I’m thankful for:

–  Meaningful family traditions to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ during the Christmas season.  Santa’s not a part of ours, but so many others take his place.

–  Opportunities to be a blessing.

–  Opportunities to be blessed.

–  Smiles of my children as they opened their gifts from God on Christmas Day.

–  That my dishwasher is FINALLY FIXED!

–  A new couch for the girls playroom from a friend.  It’s perfect!

–  Listening to Matt teach Emily how to play the drums…we really should have named her Mattie(cause she’s just like her daddy).

–  That I didn’t hit the pedestrian that stepped in front of my car.  I didn’t see her AT ALL, until it was almost too late!  That would have been devastating to so many. Please use the CROSSWALK!  They were invented for a reason!

–  Time with Matt yesterday…even if we were working…

–  Time with him tomorrow…on a DATE!

–   My girls.  They fill my life with joy…such blessings!

The Journey is…”…but God…”

“….but God…”

I love that statement.

In the great joy & smiles of the holidays…

it is often a time of remembering and grieving as well.

To my friends experiencing both emotions at this time,

I would say, “You are normal, you are not alone.

Grief is a personal thing.

There is no time frame & it is expressed in many ways,

grief is real…


is much bigger.

He is more than willing & able to fill the sadness

with His unmeasurable hope & peace

….and that is my prayer for you today.”

The Journey is…sad, but true :)

To be honest…

Sometimes, as it was today, one of my first thoughts on Thursday is….”Awe man, it’s THURSDAY.  Now I have to be thankful again…”


So today, I am thankful for “Thankful Thursday!”

A reminder of my humanity.

A reminder of my source.

My God…from whom ALL my MANY blessings flow!  Every time I think on these things…I can’t help but to get happy!

Humbly Thankful,


The Journey is…LOVE, RESPECT &….cell phones?

It’s true!  People CAN change if they want to!

After YEARS of frustrating my loved ones….I’m proud to say that for 3 weeks now I have(with very few exceptions) kept my cell phone charged, the volume TURNED UP, and with me at all times….and I’ve even answered it when I didn’t recognize the number!  Simple right?  For YOU MAYBE!  But for me, this is a major accomplishment!  I’m proud of myself.  I don’t imagine anyone else cares or has noticed, but it makes me happy.  YAY ME!

Have I enjoyed changing?  NO!  It’s been quite a bother to constantly think about it, keep up with it…and even answer it.  I really DON’T like to talk on the phone!

I’m sure my friends & family don’t see it this way, they loved me despite my “cell phone flaws”, but this my why.  The reason why I made the effort to change.

It’s one way I’m letting them know, “I value you.  I respect your time.  You are more valuable to me than my comfort.  I love you.”

What did this simple example remind me of?

“When we value & respect what we already have

…a whole world of opportunities open.”

I find this principle to be true in MANY areas of my own life.

But, back to the phone…See, I used to joke about wanting an i-phone….but when presented with the opportunity to get one, I would always decline.  My thoughts? It was too expensive a gift for me to damage.  If I wasn’t going to keep it charged, use it correctly or possibly lose or break it…what was the point in acquiring it?  I might as well keep the old free one.

When I valued and respected the people in my life enough to take care of the phone I already have…my thinking began to change.  I’m now thinking…an i-phone might be nice to have after all!

I know it’s just a phone, but it makes me think this…What simple changes can we make daily that will add value to people.  What do I already have in my power that will tell those I love that they are important to me?  What has the Lord already blessed me with for which I can respect & show my gratitude?  In what ways is He wanting to enlarge my thinking?

When you can answer that, then it’s really very simple.  (Keeping this in mind…simple is not equal to EASY.)  Embrace your NOW, find your WHY, make a plan & follow through.  Change is good.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the worlds of opportunities it opens up for you NEXT!

Your future is bright!  Embrace it!  Enjoy it!  Live it!


The Journey is….Healing.


I’m thankful that

When we acknowledge pain,

present it to the Lord….

& do what He says.

                                                                                       -HEALING FOR ALL BEGINS.

                                                                                    (to be continued…)

The Journey is….Redemptive

A friend shared this on FB the other day.  I wanted to share it, but hesitated because I didn’t want anyone to think I was directing it towards them.  If you took 100 people, this statement would have 100 (or more) different meanings. It ministered to me that day.  Quite often, if something helps me, it tends to help my friends as well.

So, I decided just to share it here on my blog today.  I have peace about that.

Steve Eden ~ “Your past mistakes in the hands of your enemy are a problem & a pain; but your past mistakes in My hands where I can use them to grow you and help others can be quite redemptive. What was once a very dark time in your life I can make a great light. Look at how many have benefited from one young mans trip to a pig pen – it revealed My true nature which is to save not to destroy, to heal and rebuild not cast out. My hands are redemptive, My hands are restoring, My hands are capable of making all things; your hurts, your poor choices, your misdeeds beautiful in My time”

Today I spoke with a young lady who had just been evicted from her home.  I could honestly look her in the eye…with a little tear in my own…and say, “I’ve been there.  The Lord is faithful.  I’m still here aren’t I?   You’re going to be OK.  There never was a time in my life that the Lord didn’t provide a roof over my head & food on the table.  Your life is truly going to get better.”  I feel confident that I was able to give her a sense of hope.

I enjoy looking back at times & seeing progress in my life, here are two examples that meant a lot to me:

-When the City truck was parked outside my home for an extended period of time a few weeks ago…I knew they weren’t about to cut off the water.

-When we needed new tires AND brakes at the same time the other day, we had plenty of room on the credit card to pay for it.


We payed cash instead.

If you’ve never been there, you have no idea how good that felt.

The Lord saves, heals & restores.  He does more than we could ask, think or imagine….and we’re all just getting started!

I did grow from my trip to a “pig pen”.  I now have complete confidence that in God’s Hands EVERYTHING’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!…beautiful even.


The Journey is…30 Days of Thanksgiving 2011

Day 30:  I’m thankful that my friends were kind enough to share their thankfuls with me this Thanksgiving season.  What a blessing to see the hand of God at work in your lives as you shared from your hearts. 

As I read your thankfuls, knowing some about each of you, your unique journey of life.  I saw this quote put into action:  “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens

No one knows like you do, what the Lord has done for you…what a wonderful time of reflecting upon His goodness together!  Thank you so much for sharing!



Here are the rest of my Thankfuls for the month of November that I shared daily on FB…just so I can remember them in the future:

Day 29:  I’m thankful for the presence of the Lord!  The Journey is….Undescribable

Day 28:  I’m thankful for the wisdom & skill of dentists & orthodontists.  Glad to give Emmy the smile she’s always wanted…even though I think it’s perfect as is!

Day 27:  I’m thankful that Emily peeled all the potatoes for the mashed potatoes today.  I really don’t enjoy that job.  Thanks Emmy!

Day 26:  I’m thankful for friends, football, & disposable plates, bowls & cups.  *not washing dishes 2night*

Day 25:  I’m thankful for HOME….and my 5 senses.

Touch…to enjoy a hug from my sister who lives in TX now.  Sight…to see so many things that my parents have collected through the years…each w/it’s own special memory.  Hear…to hear the chimes from the grandfather clock(s) at my parent’s house.  Smell…to awake to the smell of coffee.  Since I don’t drink it, the smell always makes me think of my parent’s.  Taste…to eat the waffles that he makes every time we come home.  The same one’s in the same waffle iron that he used when I was a little girl.

Day  24:  I’m thankful for time w/the people who have known me the longest & love me the most…my family.  The gas station employees who made this visit possible, God’s protection when the driver of the little orange convertible next to us wasn’t paying attention, momma’s cooking, and stretchy pants…Happy Thanksgiving friends!  ♥

Day 23:  I’m thankful for my church family!  I’ve been trying to blog about you…just running  short on time the last few days.

Day 22:  I’m thankful that the Lord led me to this song today & that it is true for my life.When I Think About The Lord

Day 21: Can’t pick just one today! I’m thankful that the Grace & Love of God bestowed to us & at work in our lives…in turn empowers us to give this same gift freely to others.   I’m thankful for my Memaw’s crusty pound cake(if there wasn’t any in the cake plate, you could trust one was in the oven) & my Monie’s bread & butter pickles. That my Pa smoked the best smelling pipe & my grandaddy always… required us to work in the garden with him….and sweep his school bus for $1. I’m thankful for the way they would take us grandkids around town & show us off…great memories now…   I’m thankful for the opportunity to be at the back of the church during praise and worship yesterday…I don’t get to see that view often. What a blessing to see everyone praising the Lord from their heart, in their own way. What a variety of expressions, but each so sincere. That really blessed me! I am truly thankful!
Day 20:  I’m thankful that these words were hanging on my bedroom wall as a child…..If you can IMAGINE it, you can DREAM it.  If you can DREAM it, you can BECOME it.
Day 19:  If you know me….then you know my mother.  We are very much alike & I consider that a good thing since she’s one of my favorite people.  Today, I am thankful for my momma!  She taught me to pray often, love deeply, feel strongly, find beauty in the simple, that life requires creativity at times, look for the best in others & to know what you believe & stand for it.  Thanks momma!

Day 18:  I’m thankful that my sister is coming home for Thanksgiving next week!…and I’m thankful that she is back in Austin, TX & happy w/her dogs & her honey.  What a JOURNEY in life she has traveled!  I love her & am so proud of her!  Want to define STRONG?  Just look up my sister!

Day 17: I’m thankful for my dad,  Best daddy ever!
 He says I’m “endearing”…when he really means…”your personality traits are so opposite of mine that it takes much patience to be your father”.  But, he loves me anyway!  Thanks Daddy!  ♥, Bug
Day 16:  I’m thankful that there really does come a time when your life begins to make sense.  Thinking of writing a children’s book or two…Maybe I’ll name it, “Dear Olivia” (If you read my blog you would understand the name)

Day 15:  I’m thankful for PEOPLE!  The blessing of friends & family that the Lord strategically placed in my particular journey of life.  You are proof of God’s provision, goodness & love.  ♥

Day 14:  I’m thankful that my girls love each other.

DAY 13:  I’m thankful for God’s love.  I am thankful that when you believe that His love is true for you, not just everyone else…you can then learn to love others in the same way.  You are loved, you are accepted.

Day 12:  I’m thankful for the opportunity to watch my children learn & grow.

…Jessica’s out practicing driving w/Matt…Emmy’s playing the “Just Dance” game & doing great(Glad she didn’t take after me)…Grace is spelling words like firmen, wor egle, poles (firemen, war eagle, police) not bad for a 5 year old. What a blessing ♥

Day 11:  I’m thankful…just plain ole thankful.  Thankful for fun times w/my girls & their friends.  The Lord’s provision for my friend.  A babysitter for Grace, knowing she was having the time of her life!  Memories.  Laughter.  New babies with cool birthdates 11-11-11.  Smiles.  Ice Cream.  Jesus.  (Definitely not listed in order of importance.)

…and God’s beautiful moon for us to enjoy…now if I only had a porch & a rocking chair…

Day 10: I am thankful for Matt & the power of his dreams.  He changes lives every day…especially mine! He doesn’t like me to talk about him much…but sometimes I just can’t help it.  When thinking of my Thankful’s, Matt is at the top of my list.  He gave me permission to share this…and I believe it would help all who read it. The Journey is…honor.

Day 9:  I’m thankful that I cannot legally park here today…

Day 8:  I’m thankful for the power of God given dreams.
Day 7:  I’m thankful to be married to my best friend.  “Like” is not the same thing as “Love”…to have both is a blessing.
Day 6:  I’m thankful for all the people that love my kids.  Too many of you to name!   You are such blessings…life changers!  Thank you!
Day 5:  I’m thankful for…life’s moments of victory & forever memories.  Congratulations CCA Patriots!  State Champions!
Day 4:  I’m thankful that this is not my toilet.  Truly, truly thankful!  🙂  Good Morning!
Day 3:  Thankful Thursday!  Learning to dream again.  FYI: the Vulcan Run is in 1 day, 21 hours, 42 minutes 🙂 The Journey is….Illuminating

Day 2:  I’m thankful for Grace.  My daughter Grace, who thinks we gave her a great name since there are so many songs about her on the radio.  Jenny Grace who ministers to my life when she doesn’t even mean to.  She has a great last name too!…and my husband…who has drug me kicking & screaming through our journey of life. Determined to never let go. He is a living example to me of God’s amazing Grace.  I am truly thankful ♥
Thank you Tina.  & maybe I was a little dramatic in my description.  I only meant…when I have been at my worst (in attitude mostly), as I’ve matured through these 20 years….Matt has always chose to love me anyway.  Something I never have had to question, although I have been quite undeserving of his patience & love.  I tell him it was just God’s way of preparing him for the difficult customers he has to be patient with daily now.
We’ve been through a lot growing up together…it’s nice to look back & see God’s faithfulnes.
Day 1 ~ I’m thankful for our neighbors, the Hall’s.  They aren’t nosey, don’t complain about our dogs, & are there for us at a moment’s notice.  Neighbor’s make all the difference!