The Journey is….Thankful Thursday 12.29.11

Thankful Thursday!

So many things, so little time.  Here’s a quick list.

I’m thankful for:

–  Meaningful family traditions to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ during the Christmas season.  Santa’s not a part of ours, but so many others take his place.

–  Opportunities to be a blessing.

–  Opportunities to be blessed.

–  Smiles of my children as they opened their gifts from God on Christmas Day.

–  That my dishwasher is FINALLY FIXED!

–  A new couch for the girls playroom from a friend.  It’s perfect!

–  Listening to Matt teach Emily how to play the drums…we really should have named her Mattie(cause she’s just like her daddy).

–  That I didn’t hit the pedestrian that stepped in front of my car.  I didn’t see her AT ALL, until it was almost too late!  That would have been devastating to so many. Please use the CROSSWALK!  They were invented for a reason!

–  Time with Matt yesterday…even if we were working…

–  Time with him tomorrow…on a DATE!

–   My girls.  They fill my life with joy…such blessings!


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