The Journey is…THIRTY SEVEN.

THANKFUL THURSDAY!  Seasons of My Life….the 30-something years.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have learned this…


Julia Lynn Freeman…daughter of Delbert & Carol Freeman.

Julia Freeman Davis…wife of Matthew Davis….mother of 3…friend to many.


Mrs. Julia…Children’s Minister, Youth Minister’s Wife, Pastor’s Wife

BECAUSE OF the seasons of my life…the changes & struggles

I have learned that I am ALSO:


Child of God.




With a mind of my own, capable of doing many things…including (but not limited to), allowing the Lord to minister to my spirit, trying new things by myself, driving in crazy traffic, grilling my own food & dressing semi-fashionable.  (May not seem like big accomplishments, but they mean a lot to me.)

Now…BECAUSE I LOVE MYSELF as MUCH  as I do my family…we are all able to love & value each other more.

In all your loving….remember to love yourself too! 

Be a giver…but learn to receive as well.

Your family will thank you for it!

If given the chance…going back to 21 does not even tempt me in the slightest bit!

I am thankful to be THIRTY SEVEN years old!  That’s a very nice place to be.