The Journey is…addicting


I have a confession to make….You would think that with all the victory I have experienced this past year…I would just jump out of bed every morning…anticipating the morning’s run.

Instead, my first thought is…..”I don’t like to run.”    Most days I don’t even want to run.  I even get grumpy at the mere thought of having to run.

So why do I run?

When I make myself run “grumpy”, I feel:

-like a winner…I win over myself, my excuses, my flesh.

-in chargeIn the life I have happily chosen, I am often pulled 15 different directions…attempting to make everyone elses life the best it can be.   At times things feel quite out of my control.   When running….I choose if I’m going to run, where I’m going, how long I run, which direction to go, what to listen to, which races to enter.

-alone…I cherish rare quiet moments.  Even when running with a partner or during a race with thousands of people…somehow…I still feel alone, and I like it.

-loved…God speaks to my spirit & ministers to my life the most when I run.  I’m sure that’s why He tried to get me to start for all those years.

I have found that…”grumpy” always, without fail, turns into “happy”!  Satisfied.

I do have a theory…the more I choose to listen to my Spirit, my flesh will fall into submission.  I believe the day will come that I will wake up…excited about lacing up my shoes!

There was a short time in my life where I felt accustomed to losing.  Running makes me feel like the winner that God created us all to be…and I like that!

I like it a lot…You might even say I’m becoming addicted to winning!