The Journey is…Experience: the good, the bad & the ugly.

Many of you have asked about my latest race…the 2011 Vulcan 10k

YAY! I finished! Lovely day...lovely EXPERIENCE.

I haven’t felt inspired to write about it yet…but I’m sure I will.

This is what I jotted down on race day:

-Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. ~John Wooden

-Last year when I finished the Vulcan…I felt SATISFACTION.

-This year I was disappointed & said, “Well, that was a good experience.”

-“If you know you can do better, and you don’t.  You won’t be satisfied.” ~me

-“The good…the bad…and the ugly…”  That about sums up this race.

-I believe the very next day…I saw this video:

“The good, the bad & the ugly….”

The good….there are LOTS of good things I want to share with you.

The bad…I simply did not do my very best.  I did good…but not my best.  But I DID learn something.   SATISFACTION was a much better feeling than….EXPERIENCE.

I’m looking forward once again to training…next time(even though I said the same thing after Talladega)…I guarantee that I WILL PUT MY BEST EFFORT into training for the races ahead.

The ugly…there was NOTHING ugly about it.

I’m just glad to be able to say I was in the race & crossed the finish line!

More to come…


The Journey is….grief.

These were my thoughts a while back, after a discussion with my friend Jenny.  I never shared this publicly, I thought it was more for just me & Jenny.  I do believe that if someone needs this, they will be led to it at the right time.  I love you Jenny!

There Aint No Party Like a Heaven-ly Party…at least I don’t imagine so…(my thoughts on grief)

by Matt’n’Julia Freeman Davis on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 3:57pm

I have been reading my favorite little book, Running with the Giants by John Maxwell.

In it, the hero’s of the faith come out of the grandstands(where they are cheering for us), to run one lap with us in hopes that by sharing their story, it will give us hope & encourage us in our race of life.

I was just thinking how these last few years with FB, I sometimes feel like this book:

I am in the grandstands & with every status update of yours(the people who make up my life history & much of who I am in the present), I get a very small glimpse into your lives and the race you are running. Knowing there is a whole world that you keep to yourself.  You have made me laugh out loud(for real), cry, pray and at my very favorite moments…I get to have great joy at your successes!  When you’re sad…I want to come out of the stands, encourage you & somehow make it all better.  But when you’re happy…sometimes…I even do a little happy dance(if no one else is around)  😉

Old friends, new friends, family… I don’t feel the need at all to know every detail of your lives, but I do get great joy just knowing you are happy, blessed, fulfilled.

While I am aware that there are steps to grieving…we must allow the Lord to bring healing & purpose to let the pain go.  These are my thoughts on grief:

If “I” get such joy, and “I” am an earthly being, bound to the limitations of this earthly body & earthly surroundings…just imagine the party going on in heaven with each of your successes by your loved ones(your giants, or heroes) who have gone before you.  REALLY, stop for a second & just imagine the joy experienced in a world with no limitations!  Their reality far exceeds our best imaginations.  They would want you to keep truly living, pressing through, experiencing new & exciting things, having a rich relationship with our Lord, finding joy in the life you are living, fulfilling your God given purpose!  They wouldn’t want your grief to keep your earthly life at a stand still.  If it were possible to feel sadness in heaven, I believe, to know that because of your relationship with them, your life stopped in any form…that would make them sad.  If their life kept you from receiving all the joy you could experience…they might even wish you two had never met.  (Just my opinion, no scriptural basis.)

I believe they would want you to cherish them & the earthly time you shared…keep them in your heart…and then make room for all the love & joy that God created for you to enjoy in this earthly life.

Now, Imagine what they would say to you if they were to come run a lap with you… LIVE THAT LIFE!  That is how you can honor them, their love, their life!

Like me…they’re rooting for you!  Don’t you want to give them ANOTHER reason to party?  I am excited about experiencing such joy that we can’t even imagine in Heaven with Jesus & my loved ones!…


                          …not any time soon  🙂



The Journey is…Destiny

“Tomorrow’s Destiny becomes Today’s Direction”

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE JOHN MAXWELL!

This video is no exception…I think I’ve watched it about 20 times:

Minute with Maxwell~DESTINY

Every time that I watch it, I think these two things:

#1 ~ My definition of success is probably quite different from the majority of people.

I love this John Wooden quote:  “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”  To me, it has nothing to to with being rich & famous…or reaching the masses.  I believe I am successful when I am reaching my full potential doing whatever the Lord has called me to do at this moment.  At times it may be ministering mostly to my family…at times it may be thousands…either way, each person, each life is precious to the Lord.  That is what really matters to me…what really counts!


#2 ~ He is so right!

….the times in my life where I floundered the most are when I lost sense of my Destiny.  My purpose.  The reason I was created.

I was created to Worship my Lord…I was created to serve others.