The Journey is…UNJUST.

Just watched “The Help”

What an emotional movie to watch.

I felt:

Angry & Sad -Although the movie was fictional, these kinds of things truly happened to real people.  UNJUST…is not even a strong enough word to use.

Happy– Yes, change is still needed, but look at the progress that has been made since this era.

Proud–  In both her looks & actions, the redheaded, freckled journalist reminded me of my mother.  Even as a young girl, living in Montgomery, AL…she stood up for her beliefs & the rights of others.  Make a difference where you are!

Thankful– for my parents & the way I was raised.

and, not that it would help…
I felt the need to sayI’m so very sorry that those things happened to you.

“YOU is KIND, YOU is SMART and YOU is IMPORTANT” ~Abileen