The Journey is…your choice.

thankful thursday…Happy New Year?

 No ball drop,

no count down,

no “Auld Lang Syne”


just me aggravating my family because they couldn’t wake me.


I’m thankful that even if I missed the festivities….it truly has no bearing on my futureNothing magically transforms our lives at the stroke of midnight, propelling us to our destiny.  Each day we awake is a day of new opportunities.

Your future = your choice

each & every day of the year.


2 thoughts on “The Journey is…your choice.

  1. God is so good to give us choices in life its up to us to pick the right are wrong ones ..I’m so thankful that he loves us that much ..and we get opportunity in life that comes from God again its all about choices we make in our life that sometimes gives us the opportunity to be who God called us to be ..He is so Awesome love you for sharing with me..;)

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