The Journey is…My Children

THANKFUL THURSDAY!  I’m thankful for my children!

I’m thankful for:

-Their loving spirit, and the relationship we have with each other.  Their teenage years are proving to be enjoyable.

-the opportunity to be their mother

-the pleasure of being their taxi driver & that they have places to go

-that the Lord supplies the gas $ to make that possible…however if it were possible to fit them, their friends & all the paraphanalia that accompanies them in a SMART CAR…I might consider getting one.

-interesting conversations with them that “boost my self esteem”…for example:

Daughter:  “Mom, you don’t look like a nerd anymore.”

Mom:  “Thanks?  I think.”

Daughter(in an attempt to make it better):  “Well…at least you used to be a CUTE nerd.”

Mom:  “I wasn’t so cute.  The really bad pictures…I keep hidden.”

It did cause me to think this thought:  “Who you were…is not who you ARE.  See yourself through the eyes of God…that’s the real you.  Know that each day is a new beginning.”  I believe this would minister to each person a different way…so I will leave off my commentary.

For Jessica(my daughter)…and this is still not the worst one…couldn’t bring myself to share them all yet:

"not so cute"

"cute nerd"