The Journey is….short, but sweet….

Thankful Thursday!  Just a short list to share today…but I am truly blessed beyond measure….  We all are!  I wonder what your list would look like?

I’m thankful for:

– the Drive in Movie with my family, under a beautiful starry sky….(my Groupon for 1/2 off admission was just icing on the cake!) 

my lack of coordination…as it brought great joy to others when I attempted to play football, at Oak Mountain State Park .   Laughing until you can’t breathe is highly UNDERated.  You should try it sometime!

the freedom of choice.  Choosing to eat all that ice cream was an EXCELLENT decision, loved every bite!   🙂


Now…back to loving myself more than junk food….


The Journey is…Inspiration

“Find your why…and then live your choice with passion.”

For the last 3 weeks I have been attempting to blog about the things that inspire me to move….mainly…the things that inspire me to run.

It starts out nice enough, it goes something like this:

in·spire [ in spir ]
  1. stimulate somebody to do something: to encourage somebody to greater
    effort, enthusiasm, or creativity
  2. provoke particular feeling: to arouse a particular feeling in somebody
  3. cause creative activity: to stimulate somebody to do something,
    especially creative or artistic work

I have found that there are things in life that inspire me to action.  They inspire me to get out of my comfort zone & change my normal pattern of behavior….typically for the better.

For example:  Stepping on a mouse trap, inspires me to jump around, screaming like a mad woman 🙂  Completely out of character for me…but evidently, from the reaction of my children) quite funny to watch.

I’m fine by the way….

Well, the rest of that blog isn’t coming together.  My thoughts typically are a jumbled up mess in my head, until I sit down & type them out.  This time, they are just staying there…tangled up in my brain.

But during the process, it caused me to contemplate what would inspire me to change my eating habits.  What would make me WANT to do this…because so far, the WANT to eat junk has been greater than the WANT to loose weight.  With very little thought I came up with my answer.  A new camera!  My old one died….on the first day of our family vacation mind you!  I’ll just say…I was very sad.  If you know me well, this would make sense.  If not…you might think I’m a nut.  If someone offered to buy me the camera of my dreams, along with lenses & flashes, etc…if I ate healthy for  xxx # of days…I would without a doubt, have the will power to resist every sweet thing that was offered to me DAILY!  It does seem that everywhere I go there is some kind of delicious food tempting me.  You see…I would then have a “WHY”.  Why would I not eat that?  Because if I made the right choice…I could have the amazing piece of technology to record precious moments of life that will never happen again.  Photographs for us to cherish FOREVER…or at least until Jesus comes back….

Then I think…that’s pitiful.  Is not my own body…my own health & quality of living more important to me than a camera, an object?  So now…every time I think about the food…I think about the camera & MY value…yes…I AM more valuable to myself than a camera.

So here’s to W1D2 (week 1/day 2)!  TWO days of eating healthy(again, for the zillionth time)!!!  YAY ME!!!!

I believe with anything that you value in life, you must find your inspiration.  What is your reason or purpose for doing something…your WHY?  Find your why…and then live your choice with passion.


The Journey is…Simple

As a Christian…all my life’s decisions simply boil down to this one thought:


Now that’s a simple thought.

It’s my choice:

If I continue to eat every snack cake in the cabinet…does that show my kids that the Lord helps us do hard things? Yes….at this moment in my life…I consider self control & my food choices a hard thing 🙂

If I react to life with worry or fear…is that proving my complete trust in the Lord who perfects those things that concern me?

If I let those words come out of my mouth…are they going to minister grace to the hearer?  Am I being a living example of the Love of God?

If the Lord leads me to do something (as in RUN)…and I keep making excuses….nobody benefits.  The people that the Lord intended to be ministered to, including myself, are not drawn closer to the Lord through the life I am living.

Do my actions backup my beliefs?   My choices must line up with God’s Word…if they do…we will all be drawn closer to our God who loves us!  He gives us the POWER to put action to our beliefs!  SIMPLE!

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

“…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the LORD your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling  to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days”