The Journey is….dark.

This question was asked on one of my favorite FB pages called, “I want an awesome marriage.”!/awesomemarriage

“What has been the ‘darkest’ time in your marriage? What did you learn from that experience?”

This was my response:

When everything we had dreamed & worked for fell apart.  We also went from spending almost every moment together, to rarely seeing each other at all…unless we were sleeping.  Along with the other losses,  I felt that I had lost my best friend.  It was a “dark” time…I was quite bitter, headed towards depression….
I learned that…sitting in my bitterness for years did nothing but make the devil happy.  I learned that life isn’t always fair…grieve the loss(es)…and then move forward despite your feelings.  I learned that taking baby steps following the Lord’s leading, will ultimately take you to success…although it may not be what you had dreamed of originally.  I learned that life is full of changes & stages…the Lord IS faithful!  It WILL get better.  Never give up….never quit on each other!
…and one of the greatest lessons I have learned is…
Fighting, not against each other, but standing together fighting through those times of struggle makes your love story deeper, richer & even more meaningful.
It’s all part of the Journey!
…..and I learned that my husband is an incredibly strong man…I am thankful.