The Journey is… Wasteful?

About the time I started running last year, the City decided to build a sidewalk connecting Goosepond Park to the City Park. I’m guessing about 1/2 mile long.  Concrete, labor, restructuring the landscape, digging a path under the bridge,  new drain pipe, fencing….my first thought?  “All that for a SIDEWALK!  What a waste of money! I mean…how nice of them to do something like that just for me, I did get kind of tired of running around in circles all the time, but that money would have been more wisely spent somewhere else!”   Of course as Matt pointed out…they could have received a grant to fund the project.  I never checked into this, it was easier just to share with my family numerous mini-speeches on the proper use of tax payers money.  Like that was going to change anything.

Guess what?  I was wrong, regardless of who paid for it…the sidewalk has proven to be a lovely addition to the city!

Since it’s completion I have seen numerous families out spending time together…people running/walking….a dad & son riding their bikes…friendships strengthened…memories in the making.

Last night, there was an elderly lady using her walker(can’t think of any other place around here she could have done that…well, maybe Wal-Mart).  When we passed her, with a smile on her face, she said…”This is so nice isn’t it.”  As I was running with my best friend on that cool, spring evening as the sun set & the beautiful moon took it’s place, as we ran past all the cheering crowds on the baseball fields of this quaint small town…I had to agree with her!  Very nice indeed!

Strengthening families & people is just as important as strengthening an old road…not wasteful at all in my book!