The Journey is….embracing the past, present & future.


~I’m thankful for A Timely Reminder

A Reminder to:

Embrace & enjoy my past.

Embrace, enjoy & truly live my present.

Embrace & look forward to my future.

~I’m thankful for the older gentleman that I met at the park.

As we talked, he wistfuly reminisced of his running days &

his own 48 minute finishes at the Vulcan Run 10k, some 15 years ago…

I knew he loved that feeling as much as I do now.

…It blessed me to see a much greater love quickly transfer to his great-grandaughter as she returned from feeding the squirrels.

My brief encounter with him reminded me to:

Be thankful for every breath I have, the health of my youth, the opportunity to exercise on the days I’d rather not…


To look forward to the new experiences to come that will eventually replace the dreams I am currently living.




The Journey is….Ninja

Fall is my favorite season!During yesterday’s run, as I enjoyed watching the leaves fall gracefully from the trees, one of them tapped me lightly on the head during it’s descent.  I felt that possibly it was God.  Kind of like the times you walk by a little kid & tap them affectionately on the head.  It made me smile anyway.

Well, today…

I was taking a breather.  Walking with a friend, watching her daughter feed the squirrels…..

and this ACORN came out of nowhere and just HIT me right on the top of my head!  It hurt a little for a split second.

What did that mean!?!

NOTHING…except maybe that God has a sense of humor.


….or was it REALLY the deviant park squirrels,

 practicing their NINJA acorn throwing skills…

…and laughing…


God’s richest blessings to you on this beautiful fall day!